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Thanks for the Memories: Jerry McCaffrey & Brad Power

Saturday, June 16, 2018   (0 Comments)
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As many of you know, ESICA’s history is filled with stories of partnerships, friendships, upturns and downturns, along with the changing times in the lives of our members. We always look forward to spending some quality time together reminiscing about how much this organization has grown, evolved and progressed over the past decades.
Today, we are excited to share the thoughts and memories of our two illustrious ESICA Review editors, Brad Power and Jerry McCaffrey, who provide us with the knowledge, guidance and industry expertise that makes our Journal interesting, informative and enjoyable.

“As an active ESICA member for over 15 years, I can truly say that I have found every conference I attended to be informative, enjoyable… and memorable!” said Jerry. “Sharing the challenges and issues other contractors are facing such as collections, new product feedback, trends and union negotiations is very valuable in helping us all overcome problems. And of course the friendships and contacts I’ve made over the years are an integral part of my life and my work.
“The friendships you make with other contractors can and has led to sales from their customers who travel into your area and are looking for a reliable contractor in your territory. I have made friendships with vendors I never dealt with before and have found another reliable source for material.

“One thing that never ceases to amaze me when I’m trying to recruit other contractors to come to an ESICA conference is the response, ‘I cannot possibly get away for 3 days. I am a small shop and cannot afford it.’
“My response to that is, “You cannot afford Not to go”. ESICA does Not charge for the 1st conference you attend. The information you learn from the speakers, the contractor breakout meetings and the benefits of networking with other contractors will more than justify the time away from the daily grind. It will also recharge and energize you. The spring and fall conferences are held in great locations and can be the well deserved getaway you have earned. Your spouse or significant other will enjoy the experience as well.
“ESICA has had an amazing impact on my career,” said Brad. “Over the past five years, as a Board Member, I have seen first hand the many valuable benefits that this organization brings to its members. New business relationships. Lasting friendships. And a deeper understanding of the industry, in terms of both contractors and suppliers.
“I began my career in the insulation industry in the commercial segment with Fiberglass and transitioned into the industrial area with Foamglas. I have learned so much that I didn’t know before through my contact with contractors. The diversity among contractors never ceases to amaze me. At conferences and at meetings, I continually see just how different the contractor’s viewpoints are in terms of their goals … how they approach their day-to-day activities … and how they view the ins and outs of the industry. In this industry, you never stop learning.

“Being on the Board of Directors has opened the door to the industry for me as a whole and has undoubtedly stepped up my career. I take my responsibilities very seriously and I try to project these feelings at all of the conferences I attend. It’s a two-way street. Helping each other inevitably helps yourself.
“An ESICA conference is truly in a class by itself. An event you will never forget. Everybody’s there -- contractors, suppliers, significant others and more. The beautiful locations and luxurious environment that surrounds every event encourages networking, camaraderie, and friendships that endure. Come to one of our conferences … try it … and I guarantee, you’ll be sold!”


This article was featured in the Fall 2018, Volume 2 edition of the ESICA Review. Click here to read the full publication!